In the heat of it all

Like a corkscrew rammed and twisted into my ear, the Corn Bunting’s welcome song pierced through the open window of the van as I drove through the Hightown Bends this morning on the way to a job.
Strange how quickly you miss them, wonderful to hear one after the space of a few weeks.
No more melodic, but still cool.
Far sweeter notes from yesterday’s Garden Warbler in the dunes at Ainsdale, but neither sight nor sound of it this afternoon.
You can listen to a snatch of its wonderful song amongst Willow Warblers etc from a phone clip I’ve stuck on You Tube here.
Meanwhile plenty of Whitethroats and Willow Warblers singing in the dunes today, with fewer Sedge Warblers and 4-5 Groppers – only to be expected in the soaring temperatures.
Flooded areas still surviving the month long drought in the dunes host at least two pairs of Greylag Goose with young, five pairs of Teal, numerous Mallards and Coots and a few Shelducksand other bits and bobs.
Two pairs of Little Grebes too – who would have thought it in a sand dune system?