Out of the sun

The strong, yet cold easterly breeze and hot sun were an odd combination for my constitutional through the dunes at lunchtime, but even a short visit suggested migration was starting to get its groove on.
A young Marsh Harrier drifted north, giving the gull colony a fit of the screaming abdabs, although like any good predator it kept the sun at its back, meaning I was always squinting at it until it was past me and away.
Three, but possibly as many as five, Whinchats were zinging about, darting over dunes and out of sight whenever I got close, but you can’t beat being stared down by one of these beauties…

More Wheatears were on the move too, with big counts elsewhere on the coast today.
I had to make do with a handful – still welcome though.

The Groppers, Whitethroats and Willow Warblers were all singing fit to burst and a steady passage of Swallows and Sand Martins was certainly heavier than of late.
Best of all in the hirundine line was a House Martin which scudded over the rooftops at Dempsey Towers as I got home from work this evening – my first one of the year, and probably my latest arrival date in years, but these are strange times after all.