The one that makes me smile

Brief views of a fine male Whinchat while I was working in the dunes earlier today – my first of the year – were brill, so I took a short walk from the office later on and managed to catch up with another one.
Probably my favourite spring migrant, but I’ve explored the reasons for that in times past, so rather than go all Mark Cocker on you, simply look at entries in April and May in previous years for more of that.
They’re just great birds.

It was quite blowy, but that didn’t stop me trying some shaky video this evening, which you can watch on You Tube here.
The bird did a better job of staying stable on the top of a hawthorn sprig than I did holding the P900 steady.
Apologies as usual.
More singing Whitethroats today, Stonechats carrying food and at least 5 Wheatears, three of which were big, bright tree perching birds… all very Greenlandish.
Two Stock Doves and a few more Swallows zipping through, with birds perching up on overhead wires for a good mid-migration preen.

Thanks as ever for all your news – keep it coming please!