I’d possibly never have stopped to notice how well the Starling in breeding plumage matched the contours and colours of the Ainsdale Discovery Centre roof before these truly strange days started.
But there you go. Strange days indeed.
Panicking gulls overhead revealed only circling Buzzards with them, but the Stonechats and Linnets were still singing and Mipits were displaying.
These once “mundane” sights now take on a greater significance of course.
Likewise, getting home on a Friday night a glance at the feeders revealed a male Reed Bunting pecking at the sunflower hearts in the evening shadows – the first at Dempsey Towers in 20 years.
About as “mega” as things go in the world of garden birding!

I must thank all of you who let me know what you’re seeing in these “lockdown” days – I’m acutely aware how fortunate I am to work around several Local Nature Reserves and on the coast in these dark days, although the Green Sefton team is also helping out council frontline services far removed from the natural world as circumstances dictate.
So reading how others are embracing their gardens and immediate environs as birding locales is seriously heartwarming.
Thanks again all, keep the sightings coming…