Apple fresh

Opening the back door onto the new reality at 7.45am, the Chiffchaff singing from the tall Sycamore in the neighbour’s garden was as crisp as the nip in the air.
I’ve heard a few elsewhere this spring pre-lockdown of course, but the first one in your garden is always most welcome.
Possibly two birds out there today, they were active and whizzing about amongst the willow buds, Small Tortoiseshells and Buff-Tailed Bumblebees.
The wintering male Blackcap looked put out to finally have warbler songster competition again, although I don’t think the “northern Nightingale” has much to worry about.

I zapped the Chiffies with the P900 when I returned home at lunchtime.
Wearing my work hat, Mipits and a few Siskins were moving up the coast at Ainsdale this morning, with resident Common Buzzards starting to thermal like crazy, but more important duties will likely take me away from the coast for much of the forseeable.
For clarity, the stretches of coastline managed by Sefton Council are still accessible, but for exercise purposes only.
I don’t think driving miles to sites “for exercise” is in the spirit of the new Govt orders, but please let me know what you’re seeing locally around your homes and gardens….
It’s time to get those “lockdown lists” going!

14 thoughts on “Apple fresh

  1. Clocked the local sprawk this afternoon, which scared the life out of the the green finches and great tits on my feeders. No blackcaps over this winter (had them past 4 years) but seems to be more chaffinches though. One I could do without is the heron which is slowly taking my koi now that the local Iceland is running short of stock.

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  2. Hi John, I always enjoy reading your blog. No warblers yet although I had to Chiffchaffs at Freshfield Dune Heath Nature Reserve on the (no public access) SLB on Monday morning. Regards, Peter

    Garden sightings :- BIRDS Pair of long tailed Tits, Blue, Coal and Great Tits, Pair of Dunnocks, Pair of Robins, Pair of Blackbirds, Several Nuthatches, possibly two pairs Pair of Chaffinches Singing male Greenfinch Moorhen sitting near the top of one of our apple trees ! Female Pheasant Pair of Wood Pigeons Pair of Collared Doves Pair of Goldcrests 1 male Sparrowhawk

    BUTTERFLIES 2 Brimstone 1 Peacock


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  3. Walked responsibly around Wheatacre Wood near to my home in St Helens today. Saw my first Comma and Peacock butterflies of the year.

    Birds seen included 2 each of Buzzard, Chiffchaff and Bullfinch

    Singles of Sparrowhawk, Jay and Grey Heron

    Lost of other common species about also.

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  4. Watched a Magpie take a beautiful blue egg out of a Dunnock’s nest in my beech hedge this morning. Within seconds a second Magpie tried to attempt to do the same thing but at this stage I am afraid I intervened.

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  5. In our garden in Ormskirk: lots of house sparrows and starlings; occasional blue tits and great tits; dunnocks and wrens singing; loud blackbird singing before dawn; raven and buzzard overhead; usual pigeons pheasants corvids and a pair of red-legged partridges in the field, and at least two peacock butterflies on the shrubs. Chiffchaff “singing” from trees a few gardens down. I really miss the skylarks now I can’t apparently drive to Ainsdale to walk the dog…😩



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