Channelling Teal.

The sparkling blue vapour trail free skies this morning belied a bitter, strong north easterly down at Marshside.
Great light for searching for the drake Green-Winged Teal on Crossens Outer, and after 45 minutes or so I came across it tootling down the channel amongst the Eurasian Teal which were busy dabbling, riding the current, or just snoozing on the muddy banks.
The Yankee was quite hard to find as most of the birds were hidden to view along the snaking channel by the high banks until a marauding GBB swept through, and they all took flight, before settling again.
Unless the Teal are out of the channel, your best bet is ‘scoping up the waterway from Marine Drive just to the west of the concrete water trough, which gives the best field of view I think.

A bit too distant and windy to try to video the bird, but I had a go anyway. You can see the parlous results on You Tube here.
Most of the goose horde was distant, but two Greenland White-Fronted Geese were grazing out past the cropped turf of Crossens Outer and the usual scattering of Barnacle Geese were amongst the Pinks.
Peregrine and Merlin were hunting the clear, crisp air, a Chiffchaff was singing on the bank, with more Chiffies calling from Hesketh Golf Course and for once the three Scaup were decidedly alert as they paraded about off the Hesketh Road platform.
A steady northward trickle of Meadow Pipits was marked, with one or two groups of 20+ birds too.

4 thoughts on “Channelling Teal.

  1. Thanks John, I was in Nel’s and saw the steady stream of small birds flying north but the light was bad so couldn’t identify them. Many of them were flying quite low. This would have been 1130-1230.

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  2. Burton Wetlands – 21/03/20

    The main visitor centre is closed until further notice, but all the other hides are open.

    1 x Med Gull
    80+ Avocet
    1 x Cetti’s Warbler seen, but at least 2 heard
    3 x Chiffchaff again several more heard calling
    1 x Great White Egret
    1 x Raven
    1 x Buzzard
    1 x Kestrel

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