Love in the time of Coronavirus

Despite all the trying circumstances, Weld Road legend, “A Gull called Arse” (try pronouncing his colour ring, “R4RS” out loud while watching him), was on top form this evening.
Feeling frisky he attempted to impress another passing adult Herring Gull by strutting around beneath the shrimpers’ yard after her with a Short-Tailed Vole in his gob for a few minutes.
All very romantic, unless you are a vole of course, but considerably less brutal than the GBB Wigeon tear-up I witnessed a week or two back at Crossens Inner.
It didn’t impress the female and she walked away, leaving R4RS to do what any sensible spurned suitor would do in these “waste not want not” days – he wolfed the vole down and got on with life.

I do have a soft spot for this bird – he’s been dropping into the Weld Road area for at least 12 years, long may the phonetically unfortunate gull continue to grace the place.
He was ringed on the Ribble estuary years ago.
I really must dig out his info – unless someone else has it to hand…?
It was surprisingly cold as I checked the site (and Sands Lake earlier), with not a sniff of a singing Chiffy or heartwarming Wheatear.
Plenty of time for spring to spring yet.