Bad day to be a Wigeon

It could be worse I thought while I scanned across the geese on Banks Marsh as the wind and rain picked up and bore down.
I could have been the Wigeon.

The two GBBs were already tearing into the duck when I pulled up at Crossens Outer this morning – the poor Wigeon was still alive, but had that vacant expression that prey always has in the last seconds before the inevitable.
I waited till that bit was over before pressing the record button.
The results are on YouTube here.
P’raps best watched after tea.
Brutal, but I do like the way the Carrion Crow wanders in, picks up a scrap, looks at the carnage as the Wigeon is ripped apart and wanders off again, deciding it’s best not to get involved.
Elevenses was all over pretty soon and I went back to ‘scoping the distant geese on the outer marsh – as the bright spring light gave way to cold, murky grey winter again they got harder to work through, but I managed to pick out the Todd’s Canada and two Barnacles amongst the Pinks and ferals.
More Pied Wags and Mipits today, Goldcrest and Long Tailed Tits in the roadside bushes and a Merlin on the deck.

Two drake Eider were distant out on the marsh, while up at Banks, many of the Pinks were close in, with a more pleasing soundtrack to watch them to – Twite and Skylarks rather than cars.
Seven Barnacles scattered about up there, but I couldn’t get any Brent/Brant action in the gloom and rain.
The drake Red Breasted Merg was still at the top of Southport Marine Lake with a female Goldeneye in tow on the way home.