Why don’t the Water Pipits do that?

The Meadow Pipit froze under the bank on Crossens Outer as two Merlins scorched by in rapid succession, scattering the Pied Wagtail flock that had at least one Water Pipit in tow this afternoon.
Shame the Water Pipits never perform so well, although I got reasonable views of one through the ‘scope today as it fed between the pull-in and the concrete trough.
Too far off for decent pics, but it never stops me trying!

There seemed to be a few more Meadow Pipits about this afternoon, however all the alba wags were Pied (even the sneaky grey-backed youngsters). A Goldcrest called in the bushes up the bank, but the windchill was still wintry, despite the ‘crest and flowering Lesser Celandines.
Scoping out from the Sandgrounders hide across the heavily flooded marsh earlier in the day, I may have had a second year Caspian Gull, but it was right at the back of the marsh, and didn’t hang around, so I had to let it go – one to keep an eye out for next visit.
I’d watched the three Scaup dozing amongst the Tufties on Fairclough’s Pool, with the most advanced bird waking up occasionally….but not for long.

Gripping dozing Scaup footage on YouTube here.

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