Storm protocol

Normally Blackcaps zip in to the fatballs, gorge for as long as possible, then zip out again at Dempsey Towers, so the behaviour of a male “sitting-off” a short distance from the feeders caught my eye today.
They don’t usually do that.
Watching wintering warblers from the comfort of indoors was infinitely preferable to venturing out into the curtains of rain that were strafing the rooftops like smoke backed by a howling south westerly, courtesy of Storm Ciara.
The garden has been relatively quiet so far this winter, apart from up to 11 Redwings on the Cotoneaster, but they cleared off a week or so ago.
Blackbird and finch numbers have been low and a male and female Blackcap only began appearing regularly last week, so it made a change to watch birds coming and going in reasonable numbers at last.

It quickly became apparent today that a male Blackbird had come over all territorial, defending the fat from all-comers now the Cotoneaster berries have all been scoffed.
Blackcaps will chase off everything from Greenfinches down when hungry, but they are no match for a Blackbird, so had to sit patiently waiting for the thrush to clear off today before dining themselves.

Mystery solved.