Long Tailed Duck

Sure to be popular with all the year listers tomorrow, the smiley Long Tailed Duck was still cheerfully bobbing and diving on the small boating lake at Crosby Coastal Park this afternoon.
Despite plenty of folk enjoying the oddly mild conditions, at times the youngster came phalarope close, as long as you kept low and quiet.
It seemed as happy as a clam.
I shot a bit of video of the first winter bird steaming about that you can watch on YouTube here. The video looked fine on the back of the camera, but not so hot now I’ve uploaded it, oh well – birding first, pictures second.

As is often the case with lingering Long Tailed Ducks at Crosby, it seems completely at ease with park life.
Five Turnstones were equally chilled and posing for portraits in the bright sun around the edge of the boating lake.

All the best for 2020 everyone, enjoy your birding and all the rest of it… see you next year.

6 thoughts on “Long Tailed Duck

  1. Happy New Year to you and Mrs D, John. Meant to post this earlier. Already saying where does the time go, and we’re only 3 days in.
    Thanks for the great photos and your way with words, throughout 2019.

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