A bit nippy

The Common Gulls began circling as if the eejit slowly freezing on the dunes was potential carrion.
I wasn’t, but a merciless northerly breeze that picked up during a seawatch at Ainsdale over the falling tide this afternoon really put an edge on proceedings.
Although not a large tide, the light was good so I ‘scoped out to the Lennox Rig from 1.30-3.45pm.
Later in the afternoon the sinking sun splashed white light onto the underwings of a few flyby scoters, which was diverting, but I was not lucky enough to pick a genuine Velvet out there today.
Small parties of Common Scoter were scattered right the way down the coast towards Formby, but all too distant to work through properly (situation normal).
A few Red Throated Divers and Great Crested Grebes dived amongst the black scotery blobs, although I probably missed others as many were dozing on the swell, huddled up against the cold.
Bird of the day had to be the winter plumage Great Northern Diver that tanked past and pitched down offshore in line with the yellow Zealandia marker buoy.
Good ‘scope views, but it kept on diving, heading farther out every time it surfaced, until my watering eyes lost it to the waves.
Not an annual bird for me on the coast by any means.

Ainsdale, 1/12/19, 1330-1545:

Common Scoter 4,000+
Red Breasted Merganser 1
Red Throated Diver 7
Great Northern Diver 1
Great Crested Grebe 11
Shelduck 3