Grey days

Another day misty, murky and dismal enough to suck the sunshine out of a male Yellowhammer (and it did), a November trend I hope ends soon. Yup, dreich is not the best.
Yesterday wasn’t much better, although a Woodcock clattering across the road in front of me on Downholland Moss was good, before it pitched down into the stubble, its big black eye peering out at me through the stems.
I managed a record shot, which I successfully killed when I accidently wiped my SD card last night while trying to pap a Red Fox that has been visiting Dempsey Towers – d’oh!!!
Woodcock pix lost, and just a blurry fox video as consolation…
Earlier in the day spent a bit of time working through geese flocks, and while the big numbers were on Altcar Moss behind Great Altcar village, with about 3-4,000 birds, they were always a field too far back for me to check through effectively in the gloom.
Many geese were caked in rich black Lancashire earth having been rummaging in the muddy fields, making picking up yellow legs or Beany bills difficult.
Round two and I drove over to Martin Mere today for a spot of In Focus business, with the Southport Twite flock little more than bouncy silhouettes as I sped along the Marine Drive north of the pier.
Once the deal was done at In Focus, I backed nervously out when Andy Bunting started to get a bit too excited over a Swan Goose that had just arrived on the main lagoon.

That’s just wrong on so many levels Andy…
On an identically gloomy day this earlier week I’d watched Willow Tit, Nuthatch and Siskin zipping around the feeders at the Janet Kear, but I didn’t fancy a repeat performance, so headed over to Mere Sands.
Nine Goosander (two drakes and seven ducks) elegant as ever on the cold, still grey-green water.
All the usual woodland sp there today – Bullfinchy, with added Treecreeper, Goldcrest and Nuthatch – but what light there was had faded by 2pm, with the reserve as dull, dark
and damp as only a wet deciduous woodland can be in winter … dank epitomised.

4 thoughts on “Grey days

  1. Two Ravens still to be seen (and more often heard) occasionally over soggy fields at the back of our Ormskirk house, and yesterday I was delighted to see a couple of grey partridges out there too.

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