Sixes and sevens

The air was gin clear and visibility was just peachy after a frost today, so spending an hour or two ‘scoping the outer marsh from the northern slopes of the Sandplant at Marshside seemed sensible.
Two Common Buzzards, three Marsh Harriers, two Kestrels, at least three Merlin, one Peregrine and a fine adult male Hen Harrier justified frozen toes, but where, oh where was my Sprawk???
Missed the requisite “Marshside Seven” for the want of the common accipiter, so had to make do with six species of raptor before the cold started to creep in again after 2pm.
Couple of Ravens out there, hassling the buzzards, plenty of Pink Feet, egrets and chirrupping Skylarks.
Most of the raptors kept their distance, but there will be other winter days for them to come closer…

3 thoughts on “Sixes and sevens

  1. About 3500 Pinkfeet in long grass on Downholland Moss this afternoon. All I could find with them for a while was a leucistic Pinkfoot but small groups were flying in and I was lucky to spot bright orange legs in one of these, confirming on the deck a Tundra Bean which then disappeared into the gathering gloom.

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