Slippery customer

Finally got some good views of the Common Seal that has been hanging around the Alt estuary at Hightown for over a year during my lunch-break yesterday.
The beastie was fishing at the mouth of the Alt, steering into the current over the high tide, and I was able to watch it fairly closely as I used the reeds at the edge of the Alt for cover.

I’ve only seen two on the Sefton coast before, but given that they show up in the haul out at Hilbre amongst the Atlantic Greys sometimes, I do wonder if they are overlooked here.
Perhaps not every blob bobbing about offshore is a Grey…
Wonder where this one came from originally?
Christened “Slippy” by locals (it hauls out on the sailing club slipway sometimes), it seems happy enough, but the nearest breeding sites appear to be over at Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland and Scotland…