Advertising standards

Finally got completely hacked off with the constant adverts for dodgy financial schemes, holidays or weight-loss campaigns (what are they trying to say??? everyone knows Satterthwaites count as one of your “five-a-day”) obliterating the blog.
The more people read the thing the more feckin’ adverts pop up.
Thanks though to the 70,000+ of you around the globe who visit (it would be nice to hear from one or two of you occasionally), but it’s time to upgrade – so no more ads!
I’ll play around a bit with new design templates a bit over the next few weeks too (let me know what you think) – a dozing Common Nighthawk is certainly easier on the eye than that old image of me up on the Norwegian fjells as a header for starters.
Birding wise the bump back to reality is always a tough one after a great few weeks bouncing around the autumn, and strolls in the dunes have provided little other than Chiffchaffs, Goldcrests and titmice flocks – but you’ve gotta keep looking and walking.
Skylarks and Mipits are heading south in a light but steady passage most mornings at Ainsdale, with the odd Grey Wag thrown in.

Recent heavy rain hasn’t changed the dune water table that much, but it did force this young Sprawk to hunt on the deck at Dempsey Towers on Sunday – running about on long knitting-needle legs before it saw me and flew up to perch and scowl in the rain…