Following the fenceline

You simply shouldn’t pass up any chance to get out in autumn; I squeezed 40 minutes around the Ainsdale LNR south of Shore Road at lunchtime, where the rank vegetation of summer made it hard going moving about in autumn.
I wasn’t the only one following the fenceline though, with one of the resident Common Buzzards keeping a close eye on the clearer areas.

True it can be hard going in the dunes – birds are often few and far between in there in the autumn, although the early return of the big girls (their usual grazing areas have flooded out, so 13 Red Polls are back on site already) may open up a few areas.

They’ve certainly left a prodigious amount of poop about since they returned on Tuesday.
A typical walk today revealed a few flocks of titmice, two calling Chiffchaffs, four Goldcrests, a superblue Stock Dove, a handful of Meadow Pipits and a fine male Peregrine ripping south over the dunes.
Two young Swallows moved south, but they were the only hirundines I saw.
A few hundred yards to the south of here, Andy Spottiswood picked up a Yellow Browed Warbler on the National Nature Reserve this morning – the very least his efforts deserve given the hours he diligently puts in on site.