Spinning on a floodlit mirror

You can’t ignore a phalarope, although it appears a phalarope is well within its rights to ignore you.
I nipped down to Marshside yesterday afternoon to have a look at the juve Red Necked Phalarope spinning about off Nels Hide and managed to miss it by about five seconds.
I’d paused on the path down to Nels to say “howdy” to a happy Clarko who’d just been watching it (the last one I saw at the marsh was with himself on a May morning a very long time ago).
In the short interval it took me to get into Nels (another meagre 30 seconds) the bird had gone.
Gone, gone, gone.
Dissed by a phal.
No one saw it fly, so presumably it had gone into the vegetation for a nap – that frenetic lifestyle of perpetual motion must be very tiring after all.
Nine Cattle Egrets, Knot and a few colour ringed Blackwits were some compensation and it was undeniably a lovely evening…

Luckily the bird was still there this morning and I nipped down first thing to watch it whizzing about amongst the Blackwits – a gorgeous wader certainly, but completely backlit by the blinding sun of a beautiful autumn morning.
Not a cloud in the sky and the sun straight in our eyes.
I could hear photographers weeping about exposure and f-stops, so ‘scoped it for 45 mins instead, dude snapping it occasionally.

Views will be better in the afternoon when the sun swings around, always assuming it doesn’t go for another long nap.
But if I was heading all the way down to wintering grounds in the Pacific off Peru I’d snatch every opportunity for a snooze there was too…

One thought on “Spinning on a floodlit mirror

  1. Forgot to mention to watch out for the Kingfisher if you’re watching the phalarope from Nels Hide – it has been tazzing about the cleared channel to the north of the hide on Saturday morning. Also a fine Rook cawing in off the sea at 3pm at Ainsdale this afternoon.
    Anyone else seeing anything?


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