Freshening up

The wind was almost brisk enough for a seawatch this morning; shame the tides are so pants at the moment.
A squawking Jay moving through the garden was a precursor of autumn, but with mucho domestico on the horizon, time was tight today, so I raced down to the marsh and had a quick look at the Junction Pool late morning.
Given the quality of the birds, the flaps had a mini-twitch on.
The Glossy Galoot was doing its thing still, with the Cattle Egret, Avocets and in with the roosting Blackwits, a dozing Spotted Redshank and two Knot stood out.

Later after the cows waded into the middle of the pool and those lacking in patience or any semblance of fieldcraft climbed up the bank to spook everything (ffs it’s just a Glossy Ibis, if you stand by the screen you will see it without freaking everything else out), the SpotRed was one of the few birds remaining on the pool and was looking decidedly self-conscious, as they do.

I attempted a shaky video of it, but the bird just looked embarrassed by the whole affair, and to be honest, so was I.
Up the road a Common Sand was doing that funny “pooter” feeding thing, snatching midges on the channel in front of Sandgrounders, and a Lesser Black Back swept in to grab one of the BHGs chicks on the island.
It gulped the snackette down in seconds.
Diverting up to HOM I was completely zapped by the grace and beauty of the Arctic Terns there, before heading back into the machine.

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