Galooty as ever.

Harrassed by Jackdaws, Blackwits, Lapwings and BHGs, the Glossy Ibis looked as galooty as they always do as it waded about after water snails in the lush vegetation at Marshside this afternoon.
I don’t remember them getting so much hassle in the past, but my memory is far from photographic these days.
Such awkward looking birds, and yet to my eyes, strangely sinister in flight.

Frequently out of sight in rushes deep enough to hide a Mute Swan under full sail, the ibis still popped up for those with sufficient patience to wait for it at Nels hide, rather than folks who tried to climb over the bank that shelters the marsh (‘cos getting a brief view and a blurry shot of a startled scarcity to consign to the depths of an irrelevant hard drive is far more important than the well-being of the nesting and nestling warblers, wildfowl and waders your silhouette against the skyline freaks out right?).
Ahem, sorry just had to get that off my chest.
And sorry if I appeared angry when I shouted at you, but that’s because I was.