Stilt Sand, Lunt: Relying on the kindness of strangers…and friends

Working down at Crosby all day and untroubled by quality optics or camera, I still couldn’t resist calling into Lunt on the way home for the Stilt Sandpiper found this afternoon by Steve Riley.
Last one of these Yankees I saw in the UK was at Conway in 2006, so it was probably time to say “howdy” again.
Armed with my knackered work Opticron Verranos (the eye-pieces are held on with red electrical tape y’know) and my battered old Lumix TZ point and press (bound together with normal Sellotape and elastic bands), I figured at least I’d be able to see it.
Just. Maybe. As long as it was close.

The bird was there alright, but distant at the back of the Great White Pool.
Luckily Dave Bickerton, Andy Pryce and Chris Tynan all let me have a gander through their ‘scopes.
Many thanks chaps, but why are you all so tall????
I had to deploy full “Stilt Brick” tip-toe mode to see through the lofty eye-pieces!
The Stilt Sand fed amongst the Blackwit roost before it was chased back onto Garganey Scrape (site map here) where we got much better views – I even reverted to the old ways, indulging in a spot of risible hand-held digiscoping (thanks for the lend of your ‘scope again Chris).
Ah, so that’s why I bought a P900.

Little Ringed Plover and Wood Sandpiper fed round the edges too, with Lapwing, Oycs and Redshanks etc.
A splendid early evening detour on the way home, it took me the best part of an hour to leave as so many folk were out, and you have to say hello don’t you?
Great fun socialising, lovely to see you all (although I wouldn’t try that trademark Bickerton flying double heel click to celebrate a Lancs tick again Clarko, I fear our Fred Astaire days maybe over, if indeed they ever began).

One thought on “Stilt Sand, Lunt: Relying on the kindness of strangers…and friends

  1. Brief visit to Marshside this afternoon, just checking in at the Hesketh Rd platform… best I could manage was a seriously feral Barnacle Goose in with the Canadas and Greylags.
    The light rain brought a few Swifts down.
    The Glossy Ibis presumably hidden by the vegetation from my position.
    Anyone else seeing anything?


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