Clear out

Glorious cloudless skies and hot sun may have looked wonderful at Spurn today, but it meant all the goodies that were lurking there yesterday had cleared out.
It was alarming to see “Jonah” Thomason continue his run of epic dips, especially as yesterday’s female Collared Fly at Easington would have been a British tick for me too.
But like the clouds and grey, it was gone gone gone.
Arriving at 0630 courtesy of Andy Pryce, Trops, Pete Allen, Alan Wright and I quickly established Easington’s peaceful cemetery was flycatcher-free, but a male Redstart flitted about, a local Barn Owl sailed by and two Lesser Whitethroats were giving it the beans in the Sycamore canopy, grabbing insects and rattling away like there was no tomorrow.

Sammy’s Point had Wheatear, Grey Partridge, Yellow Wags, hordes of Whitethroat and an unseasonal Fieldfare, and a Marsh Harrier circled over the banks of the Humber.
Further down the point, a male Hen Harrier went north and we had a few more Redstart and a Garden Warbler but it was kinda quiet, if summery.

A protracted sesh at the Crown and Anchor was needed, and we enjoyed the sun while small numbers of Brents and Whimbrels commuted about the estuary and a fine Red Kite drifted south west out towards Lincolnshire.
My first Four Spotted Chaser of the year was basking on hawthorn at the Observatory garden and Walls, Brimstone, Orange-Tips, Peacocks and Holly Blues were on the wing.

3 thoughts on “Clear out

  1. My first swifts of the year around Gorse Hill nature reserve. Other birds of note include, Corn Bunting, Yellowhammer, Tree Sparrow, Chiffies, Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Whitethroat plus Lesser Whitethroat.

    Roe Deer have been photographed in the area by some of the reserve volunteers. It is great to hear they are still being sighted following my reports late last year.

    Enjoying the blog. Thanks.

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    • Glad you like the blog Jon. Marked emergence of Wall Browns on the coast these last few days. Swifts started coming thro here at tail end of April, but influx noticeable Fri/Sat.


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