When the music’s over…

The Curlew Sandpiper was in a right feeding frenzy on Crossens Inner, spending most of the time with its head buried beneath the surface this afternoon, as 100 odd Dunlin scurried around it.
It “up periscoped” once in a blue moon, but the views from the footpath are so good it’s a treat to watch the waders there.

My morning at Marshside was a real game of two halves as I nipped down first thing to try to connect with Stuart Darbyshire and Pete Allen’s Wood Warbler.
The bird had cleared off by the time I arrived at about 0830, but Pete, Trops, Bazzo and I had a pleasant enough hour or so looking for it, as good numbers of Swifts powered north in the bright conditions.
A Cuckoo swept across the golf course to perch up by the SSSI ditch (a very brightly marked, if distant individual), and Blackcaps, Reed Warblers, Sedgies and Willow Warblers were singing away.

A paler Curlew Sandpiper was with Dunlin from the Hesketh Road platform and a male Whinchat was in Wheatear Corner, before I tore myself away to hear Mrs D’s latest excellent concert performance (some would call it busking, but I wouldn’t dare) in Southport.

She’s ace.
Fully cultured up I returned to the marsh and after a quick check from Hesketh Rd went up to Crossens to admire the second Curlew Sand there…

2 thoughts on “When the music’s over…

  1. I had a Spoonbill from Nell’s hide this afternoon, tucked in amongst a group of Herring Gulls.

    1 Buzzard mobbed by Lapwings as it flew across the marsh.
    2 Whimbrel flew from the flock of around 100 Black Tailed Godwits at the Junction pool.
    2 Sand Martin along with House Martin, Swallows and Swifts.
    1 Whitethroat
    Avocet, Redshank, Curlew and Dunlin the other waders present.

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