The Wheatear Tree.

The weather was a whole lot more promising this morning with a “new” Chiffchaff singing, crisp and fresh, by the office at Ainsdale and what looked like a male Greenland Wheatear on the roof of the discovery centre first thing.
After the brutality of the cold easterlies and blue skies of the last few days the warmth and cloud was reassuring and gave way to drizzle – even better as I headed out for my lunchtime circuit into the dunes.

The rain grounded plenty of Wheatears, with six memorably perching together in one exposed Sea Buckthorn on a ridge (I’ll get to you next winter…) and up to 10 in the immediate area.
Is a bird in the hand worth six in the bush???
Now 12 singing Willow Warblers, although I was surprised the rain hadn’t brought down more – I was hoping for a Gropper or a few Whitethroats at least, but tomorrow is another day…
The two pairs of Blackbirds were still skulking around the sheep enclosure, with the male occasionally singing – always a lovely sound in the spring rain – and swallows zinged through.
Smaller, but just as cool, most of the tiny spring annuals grace the dunes now from Hairy Bittercress and Early Forget Me Not to Spring Vetch (time to dig out the 5p bit again….)