Spring sails by

Another blue sky morning, but cold thanks largely to the easterly wind ripping over the dunes as I completed another circuit south of Shore Road, Ainsdale.
A few more bits and bobs moving today – three male Wheatears, now up to eight singing Willow Warblers, two Swallows, four Redpoll, two Siskin, one White Wagtail through – thin fare for this far into April certainly, but the temperatures are set to start rising next week, so I’m sure everything will push through then…..

Best thing to do until things warm up is find a sheltered dune, sit quietly and watch the world pass by…
Any day now…

4 thoughts on “Spring sails by

  1. Surprised to see a pair of mandarins on the lake at Coronation Park Ormskirk this afternoon. Lived here over 40 years and never seen them there before.

    A nice surprise though.


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  2. Red Kite over fields adjacent to Blackacre Lane Ormskirk this morning. Watched for 20 mins before it drifted over towards Burscough. Chiffies and Willow Warblers all very vocal around gorse hill nature reserve area. Tree sparrow, yellow hammer, also worthy of note.

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