Circuit training

I’ve been trying to get a walk in the dunes at Ainsdale in each lunchtime this last week or so – in a daft, hectic schedule I reckon I can still squeeze a circuit in that takes about 45 minutes south of Shore Road.
Don’t manage it everyday, but enough to keep me sane…ish.
After all, if your office is just a few steps from the most exciting dune system in England, it seems wrong not to play with it.
Today was kinda typical, six Willow Warblers singing (but none particularly strongly), which is an increase from the four when they all started up on Sunday.
The week has provided a Peregrine, a few Wheatears, and territorial Mipits too of course.
Newly vocal Chiffchaffs sing at Dempsey Towers just after dawn, fresh and clean as cut crystal, but the wintering Blackcap has gone.

Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Orange Tip and Green Veined White were on the wing today, and a survey visit to two pools I’m down to cover, revealed good numbers of Natterjack Toad tadpoles and some new spawn strings, despite the frosty nights.
The cold air and the blue, blue skies means there doesn’t seem to be much on the move – although lunchtime is probably the worst time possible to go looking after all – but at least Swallows and a House Martin were struggling through today.
The local Buzzards wheel about everywhere, and the odd Redpoll and Siskin head north, but I still live in expectation of Spring really exploding.
Plenty of time yet… but sooner rather than later would be good!