A grainy speck of joy

Working with the Natural Alternatives crew is always great fun, but a good day got better when this Osprey cruised over us at Crosby Coastal Park today at about 12.30.
The raptor was cutting along the edge of the cold north westerly after earlier squalls.
It went through so fast the gulls didn’t even get time to mob the Osprey before it disappeared behind the rooftops of Crosby in the direction of Rimrose Valley.
The bird seemed to be taking the north easterly inland trajectory that so many of them do from the Mersey mouth.
I barely had time to take this crappy point and press record smudge before it was gone…the bird was not stopping on its way north.
It’s always a treat to see one of these things going through locally in the spring of course – I’m hoping for a Ring Ouzel next….
If you fancy joining me for a spot of birding, I’m leading a guided spring migration walk from Ainsdale Discovery Centre (PR8 2QB) at 9am on Friday, April 12th for Green Sefton.
To book a place, email GreenSefton@sefton.gov.uk or call 0151 934 2961 – there’s still a few places left – don’t forget your binolikars!
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