Sun goes in, sun comes out…

The mosses were predictably quiet this afternoon as a brisk, cold westerly ripped in off the Irish Sea, so I sought shelter at Haskayne Cutting.
A solar activated Chiffchaff broke into song whenever the sun broke through, but switched off as soon as the clouds rolled in again – one of many tuning up locally since midweek.

Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies were on the wing, but otherwise everything was going yellow in the cutting, with Marsh Marigold, Cowslip and Lesser Celandines bursting into flower.

On the exposed mosses about a thousand Pink Feet were in the air over Carr Moss to the north, and several Lapwing were sitting on Plex.
Three Fieldfare were lingering on Station Road not far from the cutting and a Grey Partridge scuttled across the track here.
Meanwhile Common Buzzards were enjoying the breeze, riding the gusts and calling away at Engine Lane and a few other spots.
Profoundly depressed to see two stretches of hawthorn hedgerow on Station Road and Plex Moss Lane covered in anti-bird netting today.
Clearly someone’s hermetic idea of a rural idyll doesn’t include wildlife.