Feeling like the start of it all…

Top marks for this morning’s Goldcrest at the Sandplant (one of two or three birds) for singing away despite being a bit on the bedraggled side.
The tiny bundle of feathers was feeding and preening by the Sandplant entrance, while a Chiffchaff was moving up and down through the scrub, tail pumping and singing occasionally…

Marshside has been getting steadily more zingy over the last week or two – BHGs returning to the lagoon, Avocets squabbling all over the place, but the rising temperatures today (Peacock butterfly tottering about, several bees) and for a time, dense mist, meant good numbers of Meadow Pipits and Pied Wags were on the move too.
A few Redpoll buzzed overhead, but fortunately they were obscured by the mist.
I couldn’t see the Spoonbill behind Polly’s Pool either, but this wasn’t surprising as most of the time I couldn’t see Polly’s Pool.
Wheatear felt imminent, but wasn’t – anytime now though.