Comedy Spoonbill

Arguably Spoonbill look daft enough to be going on with, but with a force 6-7 south westerly pushing it along, the Marshside bird was a sight to behold this afternoon.
With the storm force gusts up it, the Spoonbill fairly scooted along the marsh behind Polly’s Pool, tottering along like a roller skating stilt-walker.
Possibly the most frenetic Spoonbill ever – whether it wanted to be or not.
Sheltering in Sandgrounders Hide seemed the best bet, while the gale was strong enough to ground the big female Peregrine not far from Polly’s and keep most everything else down.

Avocets were blasted around south of Nels Hide, but smallish gull roosts at Hesketh Road and earlier, Weld Road, held nothing out of the ordinary that I could see.
I should have pushed up to Crossens, where Stuart Darbyshire watched two Little Gulls amongst the BHGs, but I was windblown enough and headed for home, as a Merlin scorched across the Municipal Golf Course into the wind and out onto the shore.

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