Siskins back.

My first Siskins of Spring dropped into the feeders at Dempsey Towers today – two males and a female.
A sure sign the seasons are changing when the March passage of these cracking little finches starts to exhibit itself through the back window.
Managed a few shots via the double glazing and billowing Saturday washing drying on the line…
Anyone else got them in their gardens?

3 thoughts on “Siskins back.

    • We get them every March Tony, although numbers are down now. When we first moved here nearly 20 years ago we had double figures from Jan to April. Not anymore though.


  1. Never had siskins in my Crosby garden. They must be too busy scoffing at Dempsey Towers. The local sprawk probably doesn’t help though. Plenty of the other usual garden suspects and now get blackcaps in winter over past 4 years or so.

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