When your mind is elsewhere…

I watched the small Canada Goose (Todd’s?) with the Pinks on and off for an hour or two last Sunday, but it was always distant.
No sign of it today though as I walked north from the Sandplant up to Crossens over the high tide.
Earlier part of the wintering Twite flock were pushed over the seawall to feed on the grass/car park between Pleasureland and Ocean Plaza on Southport seafront.
Plenty of geese about at the marsh, including two Barnacles, but the tide fragmented them, with birds on Crossens Inner, in the outer marsh vegetation and large numbers on the fields inland of Crossens Channel out towards Banks.
Merlins zooming around, and clouds of waders swirling over the advancing tide.
One of the male Hen Harriers was over the marsh off Crossens, with Peregrine etc.
My first Coltsfoot of the year was breaking into flower along the pavement just north of the Sandplant too.

A good high tide at the marsh then, but I confess my mind was elsewhere, far far away.
579.5 miles to the north east to be precise.