Fast food

A lazy, “cut right through you, rather than go around you” north westerly today, but the skies were blue and the Ribble was full of life…
At Marshside Black Headed Gull was trying to chase down Teal around Polly’s Creek – strange behaviour, and inevitably unsuccessful, but perhaps it had been watching the GBBs hauling down Wigeon?
Two Merlin were tearing around Crossens Outer, repeatedly scorching through the Lapwing and Golden Plover flocks – I did wonder if this was a sneaky tactic in that the Merlins were hidden in the swirling and panicking waders, which they seemed to ignore, so that when one dropped down onto a Redshank on a channel, it never saw death coming.
The Golden Plover accelerated away from the terror as rapidly as only they can.

The Merlin seemed to pounce on the Redshank while it was on the deck – which I’ve never seen one do before.
Come to think of it, I’ve never seen one take a Redshank either, but it has been recorded elsewhere (British Birds, June 1988).
Smug as the Merlin appeared, it managed to hold on to its lunch for no more than two minutes before a Carrion Crow flew in and snatched it.
That’s pool.
Up at Hesketh Out Marsh I spent a while enjoying 3,000 odd Pinkies, a fine ringtail Hen Harrier, Marsh Harrier, and Peregrine.
Whistling Wigeon confetti filled the air every time the falcon launched itself into the sky – or two marauding GBBs lumbered through.
Magnificent, if nippy.