You want it darker

I can’t spend my life waiting for the sun to break through (it’ll be back again someday I’m sure), so I headed down to the marsh despite the gloomy grey half-light which persisted all day.
Even though Marshside felt subdued in the uninspiring conditions, there were still birds everywhere – good numbers of waders and wildfowl, while even the greyest of days doesn’t seem so bad when the raptors are putting on the kind of show they are at the moment.
Two Peregrines, including the big young galooty one that keeps lunging at Pink Feet (fat chance), powered about, while young Marsh Harriers were spooking everything and tussling with at least two Hen Harriers.
At one point a fine male Hen Harrier, young Marsh Harrier and Common Buzzard were all wheeling around in my scope view at the same time – what an eyeful!
Merlins screamed around as the bigger raptors broke the skyline for a pleasingly large audience there to appreciate the show.

Up at Hesketh Out Marsh the drake American Wigeon was sailing about with the main Wigeon herd off the old “bus stop” hide viewing platform, which was handy for the car park, even if it was way too dark to take decent pictures of the thing.

Occasionally the yankee wandered off into the vegetation to graze with the rest of the flock, but always returned to the water.
It’s forehead blaze looked a bit lemony to me, but that was probably just a case of me getting the camera exposure wrong in the appalling light…