Supermarket loyalty

Still roaming about the Humber, I called into see the four Waxwings at Hessle this morning as they commuted between the Aldi and Sainsburys car parks either side of Priory Way.
Aldi seemed their favourite, with a few more berries on the trees, although when I left they’d just jumped ship to Sainsburys and were scanning the area from the treetops as they do.

Across the river I visited Far Ings, but with several working parties hard at it on this great reserve, the reedbeds were predictably quiet – apart from the odd supervised fire that is….
A few Goldeneye, winter thrushes and a single Marsh Harrier patrolling the area in the raw cold.

From there I drove the short distance round to Bonby Carr, where at least four Short Eared Owls were hunting the marshy wide open expanses, much to the joy of the big lens and camouflage underpants brigade.
Up to ten owls have been here this winter.

To be fair, the photographers were all sensibly parked and behaving impeccably, scanning the fields from the track side, and causing no disturbance to the birds as they quartered the area.
After a quick burst of amateurish P900 blattage, I left them to it and birded my way back to Immingham.

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