Cutting it fine

Always like to get to Spurn at least once a year, but even I admit I was cutting it a bit fine for 2018.
Luckily I noticed a window of opportunity post-Staropramens last night and pre-Indian banquet in Grimsby with the Outlaws tonight.
So I rocked up at the crack of 10am today to check Easington Lagoons, having cruised over the Humber Bridge in the morning murk.
This was a bit like a spaceship ride, so all was good.
No sign of the long-staying Shorelarks despite walking the area at the north end of the lagoons for an hour as the morning sea fishermen arrived, all sweary and weighed down with kit.
Salty sea-dogs. Yaaarrrrr!
A quick look at Spurn proper was quiet too – it’s the first time I’ve seen the big Yorkshire Wildlife Trust visitor centre, new car park and odd “have you seen a Brent Goose?” style engagement signs (really?), so that was all a bit of a culture shock.
I bumped into Colin Bushell, who was down with the hootenanay lurgey – the best excuse, if excuse were needed, for a New Year restorative or five later.
Colin had seen the long-staying Eurasian White-front with the Whoopers off Easington Straight, plus a Black Throated Diver out on the Humber, but not much else.

I decided to try for the Shorelarks again, although as I returned to Easington Lagoons, birders were still walking off site empty-handed at noon.
Never mind, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I headed to the muddy area between the northernmost two lagoons and immediately came across the two Shorelarks, quietly trundling around in their own universe.

End of year gloomy as the day was, it was hard to get a clear photograph of the birds – especially when they launched into sudden sprints along the mud, which they did frequently.
Splendid things though, worth an hour of anyone’s time…

Right, that Hogmanay Jalfrezi ain’t going to eat itself, and I’m sure that somewhere out in the cosmic-o-sphere there’s a few bottles of Kingfisher that need my urgent attention.
Happy New Year all.
Ta ta for now.