Opening my Christmas presents early…

Life certainly feels better with a Pitta in my pants, but it took a few attempts before we connected with this glorious male Indian Pitta, courtesy of Chris Kehoe, during our recent trip to Goa.
Yup, two weeks in Goa, getting back at the weekend, meant most of my Christmas prezzies came early (although I still have high hopes for a set of Banana Splits jim-jams).
Thanks to my travelling companions, Paul and John Thomason and Chris Kehoe, we had a blast – hitting most of our targets and still finding time to gorge on superb Indian cuisine, guzzle litres of Kingfisher beer and haggle endlessly with street sellers over a reasonable price for a Ganesh statuette (the latter are compulsory purchases).

The birding was excellent, even if some had gone a bit overboard on the colour scheme – yes Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, I’m talking to you

The Pallas’s Gulls weren’t bad either…

I’ll write up a separate blog on the whole fortnight, with over 280 species scored, and put a link on here, meanwhile I thought I’d better connect again after a lengthy absence, thank everyone who continued to read and support the blog while I was away, and wish you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Hope you have a great festive hooley, and please try to follow the sage advice of our Goan friends – no horn music plastic parking.