An impressive turn of speed

A fine drake Goosander was back on the Sands Lake at Ainsdale today and shy as ever – as soon as it saw me approaching up the boardwalk it steamed to the far side of the water and lurked in the shadows and overhanging branches.
Skittish as usual, but occasionally it would “speed paddle” like a feathered battleship low through the more regular winter quackery, but never moved out into the open water and bright winter sun.

This was probably as well given my parlous lack of understanding of ISOs and exposures…
Handsome bird though.

A Chiffchaff was calling at the top end of the lake, with Goldcrest and Wrens up there too.

5 thoughts on “An impressive turn of speed

  1. Goosander still on Sands Lake, Ainsdale today – and a Black Headed Gull in full summer plumage by Pontins….so that’ll be winter over then…


  2. I too will be feeding on a goose carcass in a couple of weeks or so. Does that make me a scavenger?

    I suppose it might…

    Summer plumage B-H gull in Coronation Park Ormskirk this morning, mugging the ducks.



  3. Drake Goosander still on Sands Lake this morning, looking stunning in the light of the low sun. Yes, sun. Didn’t seem bothered by my presence; perhaps its becoming more confiding.

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