Birds and berries

For once the wintering Fieldfares on Plex Moss dropped the aloof and skittish act as they gorged on hawthorns and other berries at Haskayne Cutting in the glorious afternoon sun today.
Despite the last vestiges of autumn warmth, settling down into the shaded side of the roadside hedgerow guaranteed a numb backside and soaked undercrackers, but it was worth it to watch the Fieldfares feeding just across the road from me.
Wary as ever, they generally kept a branch or two between me and them, and even though I was motionless in deep shadow, they knew I was there and peered at me when they weren’t stuffing their sunlit Scandinavian faces.

Fabulous birds.
They chuntered and chacked, but kept on feeding – perhaps these thrushes were new arrivals rather than the usual winter flock which turned up at the start of October as per.
There were good numbers of Blackbirds in the Cutting today too, with smaller numbers of Redwing, Song and Mistle Thrush.
But the Fieldfares were the stars…

All in all it was very pleasant in Haskayne Cutting this afternoon – Jays, thrushes and Long Tailed Tits were rippling through the branches as the last leaves drifted down to the ground, and a few smallish flocks of Pinks (500 birds tops) were on Plex itself.

Otherwise Buzzards up in the blue and a female Kestrel feeding on the corpse of a Pheasant – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one take carrion before (the croaker, pre-croaking, would certainly have been too big to be a target for the little falcon)…anyone else seen ’em feed on carrion????

5 thoughts on “Birds and berries

  1. Hi John
    A couple of years ago I saw one feeding on a fresh looking wood pigeon carcass, at Haskayne cutting, I remember thinking at the time that a Kestrel surely couldn’t take a bird that big, it looked really small on top of the woodie.

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