Bird of the day today for me was probably the pot-bellied Woodcock that came clattering over the seawall on the south side of Southport Pier, before flapping across my windscreen and away over the Vue cinema, as I drove up towards Marshside.
I’m not sure who was more startled, the Woodcock or me, but there’s never a cap to throw when you really need one is there?
Equally pleasant was the good numbers of Skylarks behind the sandplant.
I know it’s all relative and there were many more wintering a few decades ago, but it still felt mighty fine to have them chirrupping all around me against the blue sky – marvellous birds.
Exultations of them were rising from the saltmarsh all over the place in the afternoon sun as I ‘scoped the estuary.

Two or three young Marsh Harriers further out, high-flying and appearing to spook everything just for fun, while a Peregrine seemed to be taking things a bit more seriously over Crossens Inner (too far away to see if it was your big brute Ron), and a dashing Merlin sat up for the Sandgrounders’ crowd.
Common Buzzard and Kestrel too, but no Hen Harriers during my visit.
Egrets all present and correct – one Great, five Cattle Egrets (yup, garde-boeuf is defo a better name) and Littles everywhere.