Stinky Pink

“I’m afraid your blood pressure is a little high – we’ll have to do more tests next week”, the nurse explained early doors today.
Me (outer voice): “Really? Gracious, we’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?”
Me (inner voice): “Of course it’s feckin’ high – it’s first thing on a Monday morning, when all sensible folk lucky enough to be in full-time employment are stressing about how they are going to wrangle the three pounds of poo they have been presented with into a proverbial two pound bag over the next week, plus I suspect that needle you’ve got there is going nowhere good…. What do you expect???”
Not the best start to the week I know, but fortunately I had a few hours off this afternoon, so I decided to pop down to St Helens to see the juve Rose Coloured Starling lingering there.

My good friend Mr Mike Stocker sent me a few directions involving a pub and a chippy.
My good nurse* from this morning will however be pleased to learn that I didn’t visit the pub (like way too many boozers it is all boarded up, the only thing to suggest its happy legacy of revelry and hangovers the still sticky carpet doubtless mouldering away behind the metal security sheeting that covered the windows and doors…RIP The Bowling Green), AND I stayed clear of the chippy too.
Despite this morning’s hard frost, the sun was warm on my back as I watched the starling from the alley.
I could feel my blood pressure dropping already.
As is often the case with this species, the Stinky Pink was uber showy, sitting up on the wall behind the cafe on Extension View, or blinking in the sun alongside squabbling House Sparrows in a bramble tangle in the yard, before occasionally slipping back into the shadowy branches…

Sometimes it would start gabbling away to itself before dry-retching (such a charmer).
Perhaps all the mealworms presumably left by photographers didn’t agree with it, although the bird was hardly squeamish foraging in the alley, just a few inches from my feet, and according to BWP their normal diet does include insects, seeds, fruit and nectar…

* Nurses are absolutely ace of course, even better than Firecrests, and my feeble attempts at humour are in no way meant to trivialise their incredible calling. Hang on, what do you think you’re doing with that needle… etc etc

4 thoughts on “Stinky Pink

  1. Clearly when it comes to a Pink Stinks I just don’t have your willpower -mind you watching the St. Martin’s was very effectively facilitated by the beer garden of the Seven Stones!

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