Marshside Ping Ping

Wimped out like a Wet Nelly yesterday as Storm Callum continued to mess me about, and batter and drench everywhere it could, but with conditions so much more calmer today, it was time to visit the Bearded Tits/Reedlings/Parrotbills at Marshside.
The two Beardies are hanging around in the reedbed out past the old Sandplant, and commute into sedges nearer the road to feed invisible.
The female started calling in the reeds shortly after I arrived at 1pm-ish, and edged out into the open before whirring off into the sedges.

I had to wait longer for the striking male to fly in though, but he did, before putting on a show for the crowd…

Ping ping ping.
The only previous record of ’em at Marshside is a single bird way back on December 18th, 1977.
Marsh Harriers and Raven about too, plus plenty of Skylarks and Mipits on the move once the sun pushed through too.


4 thoughts on “Marshside Ping Ping

  1. Pete Kinsella had four Bearded Tits in the phragmites just north of Hightown golf course about 1pm today. I made it there too late but, after last years Hawfinch winter, are we going to have a Bearded Tit autumn?


  2. I was down at Waterloo this morning. Saw about 40 Skylarks go south while I was there.
    I had eight larks feeding on the shore, of which 7 were colour ringed.
    One first year, 4 second year and 2 full grown ringed in Spring, when roosting – all the adults are known males and seen many times this year. Interesting to see two male siblings feeding together.
    They had held adjacent territories at Waterloo, having moved south from their natal Blundellsands site.
    The first year bird had both been seen already and caught roosting, while in moult.
    There was a male Wheatear present also.


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