AGP: Still around, still distant.

Checked Crossens Outer and Inner early afternoon today – the former was quiet, but the latter had good numbers of Golden Plover, including one of the American Golden Plovers from last week.
Hard to pin it down at first as it was up and down out of a drain and I was looking into the light, but when cloud went across the sun I was able to get better views – and even see the grey axilliaries when it flapped its wings.
Smaller than the rest of the Goldies and more active, with a lightning strike super as bright as a Lapwing’s white eyebrow.
It looked to me like the more well-marked bird of the two that Stuart Darbyshire found last week.
Watched the AGP from 1220 to about 1315, when a Peregrine (with a touch of Lanner) swept through and scattered the flock.

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