Still humid, but with a bit of drizzle early afternoon, and I wondered if it might bring something down, so called in at the marsh.
It was very quiet, apart from the Cattle Egret still happily living up to all its cultural stereotypes with the coos just under the Hesketh Rd platform.

I was thinking about what an engaging character it is as it strutted amongst the herd, until it grabbed hold of either a toad or frog (I suspect the former).
Whatever, the amphibian is pure egret energy now – although watching it gag the thing down was quite enough to put a chap off his afternoon Staropramen.

And did the egret really need to look quite so smug afterwards as its throat jiggled away to the still thrashing frog chorus????

4 thoughts on “Still.

  1. Juve Kittiwake still in inland fields by Formby bypass north of Weld Blundell/Red Squirrel lights this morning. Must have been there for more than a week now.


  2. Burton Wetlands – 08/09/18

    58 species seen including

    4 x Spoonbill
    1 x Cattle Egret
    1 x Hen Harrier
    1 x Marsh Harrier
    2 x L.R Plover
    1 x Green Sandpiper
    1 x Greenshank
    23 x Snipe

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