Open. Read. Reply. Forward. Delete.

If you’re waiting for autumn – don’t. It’s already here.
Finches and Mipits overhead and parties of hirundines speeding around the office at Ainsdale, perching on wires and jostling in the air with the swelling flock of largely juve Starlings – congregations like this are just screaming for raptor strikes.
Despite a tsunami of emails and tasks that kept me largely locked to the desk today, there were glimmers of hope every time I looked roofwards.

Small numbers of Wheatears and Pied Wags were resting first thing, before indulging in flycatching as the day warmed up – and there were certainly more migrants further into the dunes if a brief meeting with Andrew Spottiswood was anything to go by.
Even after work there was a sense of anticipation as willow and rosa rugosa branches twitched and shook around Sands Lake.

Okay, only raggedy-assed Chiffchaffs, Greenfinch, Goldfinch and Blue Tits emerged, but who knows what will come out tomorrow?

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