Red Necked Far-larope

After a morning of meandering round the maze of stands at the Birdfair at Rutland, I naturally gravitated to the beer tent, via a few Green Sands and Snipes, Chiffchaffs, Little Egrets and a calling Gropper (or was that on a BTO tape lure?).
It’s far too dangerous once refreshed to go anywhere near the optical stands of course -or anywhere else where money can change hands for that matter – so I went birding in the afternoon instead.
A brisk walk around the waterside trails brought me to the Goldeneye hide, and a distant, but fun, Red Necked Phalarope.

Without a ‘scope or proper camera, watching options were severely curtailed, and most of the time it was a busy little dot in the distance.
Luckily a kind soul let me digiscope the phalarope at range through their Leica as it wandered along the waterside, or went off swimming amongst the flocks of decidedly unsavoury moulting Egyptian Geese – muchas gracias.
Good bird – I wonder where it will end up in a few weeks time – off to the Pacific perhaps?
Away to the Arabian Sea?
Ain’t migration grand?
(and thanks to Duncan and Elizabeth Rothwell for the lift down….)