Anything? Anyone?

You know that the klimate has gone to klahblooey when HoM – the second coldest place on the planet – is humid and hot, sultry even.
It was still worth a long stand over the lowish high tide today though, in the vain hope autumn may appear.
No such luck, but tantalising glimpses, with three Common Sands and a superbuffy young Ruff, Greenshank, and juve Yellow Wags strutting their stuff through the vegetation.
A Peregrine off high to the east, plenty of hirundines, including numerous Sand Martins, and even a moulting adult Dunlin with spectacular pale “goggles” – chocks away everyone…
Quite peaceful until a Typhoon roared up from Warton to rip the cloudbase into supersonically shredded tissue-paper.

Back home, juve Greater ‘Peckers are sweeping into the feeders now, all red crowns and wishful thinking, although highlight of the week at Dempsey Towers had to be a superb Red Underwing coming to the moth-trap.