Enough mosses already…

It’s hard to keep birding through the lull, but the Yellowhammers were still in good voice at Haskayne Cutting this afternoon, with occasional backing vocals from Whitethroats and Blackcaps.
Not so many Corn Buntings singing on Plex now – perhaps no more than five individuals on a short walk with a recuperating Mrs D, but it is high summer I suppose.
I tried to resist the temptation to look at bugs and blooms, even though the “arable weeds” that only really flourish now in the ditches, having been expunged from most fields (set-aside notwithstanding), were pulling in a steady stream of butterflies, but worryingly low numbers of buzzy bees.
Large Red Damselfly still on the wing at the cutting – always a scarce ‘un in my neck of the woods these days.

Otherwise all a bit quiet, at this rate I’m gonna have to start staking out chip shops and pie stands for Pied Crow… or begin praying for decent seawatching conditions.


3 thoughts on “Enough mosses already…

  1. Just the usual suspects around gorse hill nature reserve and surrounding gaw hill area. Corn bunting, yellow hammer, tree sparrow amongst the regular sightings. More interestingly I had two deer on Monday evening. These are the first I have seen in the area. I have also seen a fox twice this week.

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