Let sleeping Spoonbills lie.

The distant, motionless Spoonbilly white blob on Polly’s Creek was all very well, but it was hardly pressing the buttons in the enigmatic stakes at Marshside this afternoon, so I walked down to Nels.
The fine Spotted Redshank was at the back of the lagoon still, feeding at one million miles an hour.
The bird caught plenty of small fry at twice the wading rate of the Blackwits that surrounded it.
It moved so fast through the shallow water that it almost left a wake…obviously very hungry.
It was a bit far away for anything other than pants blurry pictures, but you get the idea…

At least 150 Blackwits on the lagoon with a breeding plumage Ruff still and noisy Redshanks.
14 Little Egrets were hissing, barking and croaking like extras from “Jurassic Park”, often only feet from the hide as they waggled their legs in the mud to disturb prey.

Their stubbier, but far more characterful cousin popped up in the sedges at the back of the lagoon, looking summer dapper – has anyone seen more than one Cattle Egret recently?

Sand Martin amongst the House Martins above the pool, and hunting Peregrine and female Sprawk, but apart from the hyperactive SpotShank, it all felt rather sleepy summery…time for cold beers and footy.

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