More peace.

‘Crested the bridge over the Hodder long before the morning mist had started to burn away. A few minutes later the Pied Flycatchers were calling in the blissful dawn green as I turned the ignition off.
There’s something reassuring about a place that doesn’t change, and I hope Moor Piece remains Lancs’ Pied Fly breeding ark for many years to come…and of course that the species can reclaim other sites.
A gorgeous and peaceful reserve, I had it to myself for an hour or two this morning, as Pied Flys, Jays, Greater ‘Peckers, Siskins, Nuthatches and Willow Warblers zipped about the pocket of East Lancs woodland.

The Pied Flys were as obvious and noisy as ever – fantastic wee things, two males were in my face pretty much constantly as I strolled along the road, but I reckon I had at least three different birds around the road junction.

Sometimes you need a few hours as precious as these, but by 0930 the lycra-clad horde started to drone through.
“I’m Bradley Wiggins, I’m Bradley Wiggins, and I’ve got the biggest sideburns in the world…”
etc etc etc
They weren’t doing any harm of course, but the Sunday-pumped lurid skin tights and relentless hum of tyres on tarmac effectively shattered my forest bathing green sanctuary vibe and by 10am I hopped back into the wheels and drifted down to the coast.
“I were right about that saddle though”.

4 thoughts on “More peace.

  1. Risley Moss – Monday 11th June

    Watched 2 Hobby today, at times in a dogfight with a Sparrowhawk. Also 2 Buzzard, Whitethroat and Willow Warbler.

    Only 1 Swift and 1 Swallow seen in over 2 hours.

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  2. Ah, Moor Piece. Been up there today as it happens… Gotta love Pied Flycatchers.
    Going back a couple of posts John, I’ve spent some time trying to find those Red Veined Darters you mentioned, and so far only found the occasional Broad Bodied Chaser. IT would help of course if I knew which was slack 169b 😟. Is there a map, or are you able to divulge moe specific directions? Oh – are Yellowshell moths always as numerous in the dunes as I’ve found them to be during my recent wanderings?


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  3. Martin mere this morning. Cuckoo, reed and sedge warbler along reed bed walk. No sight nor sound of any groppers. 2 little and 1 ringed plover. Plenty of house martins, swifts and swallows which was great to see. Walked full length of curlew lane. 6 corn buntings and one yellow wagtail. Good morning.

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